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Join the four unlikely heroes of "Charon - Zhetan Chronicles" on a mission to investigate the mysterious Obsidian Grotto to vanquish the evil presence dwelling within...

  • Explore a brand-new area with new enemies and secrets
  • Fight exciting and strategic battles in the new CTB Battle System
  • Get to know the full hero party and their skill sets
  • Learn new lore and secrets about the world of "Charon"


  • CTB Sideview Battle System
  • Sidequests, Fetchquests & Mobhunting
  • Crafting for Items, Weapons, Armours AND Abilities
  • Skill Levels
  • Bestiary
  • Action Menu for puzzle solving
  • Individual playing style for each hero[
  • Treasures, secrets and optional locations to discover


  • Version 0.7.1: 12.08.2020
  • Version 0.7: 08.05.2020


Twitter: @FervorCraft
Early Access: Charon ZC [Act I]

Updated 9 days ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreRole Playing, Adventure
Tags2D, demo, Fantasy, JRPG, LGBT, Retro, Singleplayer, Turn-Based Combat

Install instructions

Download & execute Windows Installer.

If there are problems,  please consult the included "FAQ.txt".


Charon - ZC GAMEPLAY DEMO (v0.7.1)

Development log


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how  is the progress at the moment ? would rly like to play full version

Hi there!
At the moment, we are in the midst of development for the next chapter and its release as Early Access (probably at the end of the year).
After that, the works on the remaining conent for the full version will begin.